Monday, June 25, 2007

New Featured Artist: Gotye

So if you haven't heard it yet, go check out the latest installment of the Shifted Sound Podcast.

We (Shifted Sound and A Better Offer) have been trying to sync up for quite a few months now, where Shelby could interview a band and I could cover them. And it still hasn't worked out perfectly yet. But here goes. I'll be writing about Gotye (pronounced gore-ti-yeah) for the next two weeks and as of right now, I haven't heard back from Wally (of Gotye fame) with the definite go ahead to cover his music. But that's alright with me, because I've got lots to say and share on the matter. If you have not heard Gotye yet, I suggest you start over at Shifted Sound and download podcast number 66 (and subscribe while you are there) to hear some music from Gotye and an EXCELLENT interview with Wally de Backer of Gotye.

Or you can check out the links to the right for more Gotye. Stay tuned!

If you are really wanting and MP3, try Out Here in the Cold
**Spelling corrected via email from Tim. A big thanks!

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