Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gotye: Some intital thoughts

So I first heard Gotye when a friend of mine from Australia made a mix of her favorites from Australia. It included Wolfmother, Youthgroup, Ben Lee, Gotye, and many more. Well there were a few that stood out. And Gotye was one of them. The two tracks she included were, "Hearts a Mess," and "Thanks for Your Time." They both blew me away. Gotye just seemed to have a way to push things sonically and lyrically. I was impressed especially with Heart's A Mess. And still to this day that track has stood out as one of my favorites. (I'll have more on this track coming soon!)
Below is my initial review of Gotye, when I posted it on the Two Mirrors site that I used to write for. Check it out.

Gotye was next up and by far these two songs were my favorite songs from the Australia comp. His music is simply stunning. He has that quality in his music where it's almost uncomfortable to listen too. Think early Bright Eyes with an electronic edge. Both of these tracks are highly recommended! You will be hearing more from Goyte when I get the new record. You can order it here.

Stay tuned folks, I've got lots more Gotye, including tour dates, remixes, an interview, and A CONTEST!

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