Friday, March 23, 2007

Splintering Live in St. Augustine

So this is the clip of Arizona performing "Splintering" when we saw them in St. Augustine. This is the last track they played during their set. Just watch and see how wonderful this band is. There is not much more I can say here. Just watch.**

**While the clip may be a little blurry and dark at times, I think you'll get the point. GO SEE THEM LIVE WHILE YOU CAN!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pant + Whisper video

Check out the video for Pant + Whisper. The track comes from Arizona's first EP--The Sun and The Room. Which by the way you should get your hands on pretty quickly because if it's not gone yet, it will be soon. The boys from Arizona did not make this video--it was done by a fan. But it provides an exceptionally accurate depiction of the song. There is an image about halfway through where there is a close up on her lips--and it is simply unforgettable. The blurred imagery is just exactly what you'd expect to visually tell the story of the song. So do yourself a favor and press play and enjoy the music and the images.

ARIZONA // Pant + whisper
Uploaded by theyoungfrancis

Video was directed by The Young Francis and Dr. Breint (edited 4/6/07)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Arizona's tour

So do whatever you can to get out and check out Arizona's tour. My wife and I caught them in St. Augustine on March 10th (the other mirror was there too). They opened for Band of Horses which was both good and bad. The good--The room was packed for the Arizona show. The bad--They were the opening act so they only played about 9 songs. It was still well worth the trip. They are playing mostly stuff from Welcome Back Dear Children, but they did play two new tracks (Streetsweeper--from their upcoming EP, and Asheville--from a movie they scored). The guys are extremely friendly and put on an amazing and energetic show. They have great shirts for sale and a listening station set up if you want to hear the record before you purchase it. Check them out! P.O. Zak

Mar 20 2007
Phoenix, Arizona

Mar 24 2007
Hodi's Half Note w/ Carey Ott
Fort Collins, Colorado

Mar 25 2007
Saddle Creek Bar
Omaha, Nebraska

Mar 26 2007
Big V's
St. Paul, Minnesota

Mar 27 2007
103.3FM KUMD - Live on air
Duluth, Minnesota

Mar 27 2007
Univ. of MN Duluth Rafters w/ The Brushstrokes
Duluth, Minnesota

Mar 28 2007
The Dry Bean (Free Show!)
Madison, Wisconsin

Mar 29 2007
The Hideout
Chicago, Illinois

Mar 30 2007
WOXY Lounge Acts
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mar 30 2007
Dirty Jacks
Cincinnati, Ohio

Mar 31 2007
The Basement
Columbus, Ohio

Apr 18 2007
The Annex - NYC Homecoming show, wear a tux/ball gown!!
New York, New York

May 5 2007
Luna Lounge
Brooklyn (Williamsburg), New York

(Picture from left, Ben, vocals and guitar, Zak, from a better offer, Nick, vocals and guitar, Andrew, keys and guitar)