Friday, April 27, 2007

Novi Split--A Better Offer Exclusive Interview (part two)

Here's the second part of my interview with David J. from Novi Split. And I decided to make you all wait one more day for the contest info. It will be posted tomorrow evening. The good news is that there is a good chance that you'll win some free music from Novi Split...So check back tomorrow.

ABO: In my opinion, one of the highlights of your new record, "Pink in the Sink," is the track "Leaving It". It's heartbreaking and lovely and the same time. The lyric, "your cold dead eyes are so bright to me," is completely heartbreaking and it captivates that feeling of knowing something has died, but no wanting it to end. Yet somehow, when I hear the end of that song I feel like everything turns out okay (hence my lovely opinion) Can you tell us about inspiration and your take on that song?

i've met a lot of incredible people in my life that i wish i could be. and i become very obsessed with people when they bring a joy to my life. i seem to love and respect these people through any situation they bring upon themselves, even if its clearly wrong. i watched a documentary about a woman who falls in love with serial killers and marries them while they're in prison for life or on their way to be killed. and i also watched a few 'romantic' movies in which the same story always repeats. you get this girl and this guy and they fall in love and then something fucked up happens and they break up. but then something even more fucked up happens and it makes them realize how important love is and they get married and thats the end of the story, but thats bullshit because humans aren't designed to get over anything. we hold our anger right into the fucking grave. we build walls and we kill everything. the idea that someone i cared for and myself can just wake up one morning years in the future and our minds can connect once again against impossible odds for just a moment is insane. then there's also the idea of pornography or drugs or any other thing you can be addicted to and the idea of becoming a man and leaving that all behind in the search to becoming a better person. to redeem the world by not giving into the world. its hard starting a new life when you can tolerate the shitty one you're in. its not worth the gamble. its a fun song to sing.

ABO: You seem to really enjoy doing cover songs (especially some offbeat ones). What inspires you to cover songs? And what is the greatest cover song you think that has ever been recorded?

people seem to forget that sinatra wrote like 0.01% of his songs. he just liked songs he heard and sang em. same with most every folk musician. its not much different than that. covers are the best thing about being a musician period. as for the best cover ever... theres a few. johnny cash's cover of 'a boy named sue' is up there. rod mckuen's cover of 'long long time.' al green's version of 'for the good times.' any song where its hard to imagine that anyone else wrote it because the relationship that the cover artist has with the song is so sincere, you know thats a good cover. how about UB40 doing 'red red wine.' how about harry nilsson singing randy newman, the whole record.

ABO: Finally, what are listening to right now?

i've been listening to the knife, graham lindsey, andrew jackson jihad, todd snider, as far as new music. rod stewart, randy newman and the frogs when it comes to classic rock. its hard for me to introduce new music in my life. when i like an artist i usually have to listen to everything they've recorded before finding someone new. i cant believe how much music gets released these days. some people put out like three records a year. find a hobby.

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