Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Novi Split on Tour

Here's what left of the Novi Split tour. You should definitely get your little behind out there and see them if they are coming close to your hometown.

APRIL 27 2007 Milwakee, Wisconsin @ 8th note coffee house w/ city on film

APRIL 29 2007 Cincinnati, Ohio @ alchemize

APRIL 30 2007 penn state, PA @ claudia's house

MAY 1 2007 PHILLY, PA @ spazz house


MAY 4 2007 Boston, Mass @ the lily pad

MAY 5 2007 Buffallo, NY @ 99 custer

MAY 6 2007 Toronto, Ontario @ the boat

And if you haven't heard his music yet, here's another MP3 for your listening pleasure. The track is called "Leaving It" and in my humble opinion, it's one of the most heartbreaking and lovely songs I've ever heard check it out.

MP3--Leaving It by Novi Split

And stay tuned, because we have an exclusive interview with David J. from Novi Split as well as another contest with free stuff!

And you can pick up his record from Hush Records here.

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