Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Novi Split on the Coverville Podcast

The incomparable Shelby from Shifted Sound let me know that Novi Split was featured on the Coverville Podcast episode 317. Now I had not previously listened to Coverville (where the name says it all), but upon my first listen I was extremely pleased. I can't think of a better artist to be featured on a podcast that focuses only on covers. I for one would like to think that Coverville could do an entire show of Novi Split covers. Folks, listen that "Dancing in the Dark" cover is most likely the best cover I have ever heard.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Novi Split: The Cloak and Dagger Media Covers Project

I'm Sorry. You see the hardest part of running this blog is not telling you everything I know the first day I cover an artist. I mean I just wanted to tell you every wonderful thing about Novi Split last Sunday when I revealed our new artist. But I wouldn't be able to write about it for two weeks if I did. Anyways, after my digression, I must tell you about the Cloak and Dagger Covers Project that David J. from Novi Split recorded. David recorded four exclusive cover songs (they are listed below). And it is absolutely imperative that you go download these four songs now. I'm not hosting them here, because it would be wrong of me to take away from Cloak and Dagger. They have all four MP3's for your downloading and listening pleasure and believe me it's extremely pleasurable.

These four amazing tracks can be found at the links below...Please for me at least download the Bruce cover. It's so freakin good.

Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

The Very First Lie (Material Issue Cover)

Outside the Wall (Pink Floyd Cover)

Madonna of the Wasps (Robin Hitchcock Cover)

These four tracks are completely necessary pieces in your music collection. And again I'm sorry for not telling you sooner.

And don't forget about the contest...check it out here. Free Novi Split cds for the winners!