Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Novi Split Contest!

The wonderful folks at Hush Records have given A Better Offer a few cds and posters to give away from our featured artist. And I really want you to have this record. Yes, you A Better Offer reader and Shifted Sound listener. So I'm going to put my teaching abilities to the test here. I have written for a full week about Novi Split and his music. I am going to ask you one question, that you can find the answer to on this site. When you know the answer, send an email (with the answer of course) to by Friday May 4th with the subject Novi Split for Free! Make sure to include your mailing address and we will randomly choose the winners next Saturday. The question follows...

Who booked Novi Split's tour?

Okay, send in your responses to win free music shipped to your door. If you haven't hear Novi Split yet, here are three tracks that completely rule from the new record "Pink in the Sink."


largehearted boy said...

I was hoping that the prize was a Hush quilt (that would be very cool).

Zak Champagne & Richard Dudley said...

Yeah that quilt is pretty sweet. I'll see if Chad (from Hush) can work it out for you.