Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Arizona: The contest

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen...Do you want to win some free Arizona goodies. The band has offered a free copy of their new EP Fameseeker and The Mono as well as a free t-shirt up for two lucky winners! After months* of careful planning in our plot to create the most amazing contest the blogging world has ever seen** we have come up with the following.

Readers should submit a specific story (either fictional or factual) about how an Arizona song played a part in their reality. Like the time I listened to Somersby so many times in a row, I purchased a spaceship to follow in the footsteps that the deranged scientist takes in the song. That really happened to me by the way. But you can make yours up if you like.

Anyway after writing your story, send it to This is an email address that Ian (Arizona's manager) has set up specifically for this contest. And we will announce the winner at the end of my coverage of Arizona. It doesn't have to be long...just make us smile with your story.

*by months I really mean two or three emails
**Or at least a really fucking cool contest

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