Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Arizona: Thimble

So, I'm in Moultrie, GA. If you'd like to know what Moultrie is like, just say the name aloud with a deep southern drawl, and I'm sure you can get a picture of this town. I'd thought I'd quickly share some thoughts on "Thimble" the leading track of FATM.

"Thimble" is the leading track off the new EP. The boys begin the track with the distant sound of a storm that slowly getting louder. Then the the drums kick in. It's one of the most prominent openings of an EP that I have heard in a while. It certainly sets the stage for the tone of the record. "Thimble" then weaves in and out of sounds and lyrics in a such a way that you feel like the trip you're about to take will be well worth your time. Probably the most amazing thing about the track "Thimble" is the bands attention to detail. The band and I talked about this attention to detail with this record and I'll have more on that this weekend in the interview. I strongly suggest you throw on a pair of headphones and sink in to oblivion while listening to the sweet sounds of Arizona.

For now, take a listen to "Thimble" by Arizona (link fixed, Thanks...)

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