Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pant + Whisper video

Check out the video for Pant + Whisper. The track comes from Arizona's first EP--The Sun and The Room. Which by the way you should get your hands on pretty quickly because if it's not gone yet, it will be soon. The boys from Arizona did not make this video--it was done by a fan. But it provides an exceptionally accurate depiction of the song. There is an image about halfway through where there is a close up on her lips--and it is simply unforgettable. The blurred imagery is just exactly what you'd expect to visually tell the story of the song. So do yourself a favor and press play and enjoy the music and the images.

ARIZONA // Pant + whisper
Uploaded by theyoungfrancis

Video was directed by The Young Francis and Dr. Breint (edited 4/6/07)

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