Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The WOXY setlist and review

***This picture is not from the WOXY performance. It's from their myspace page.***

So Arizona played an outstanding and unique set Friday on WOXY. They played four tracks listed below and there was an interview with the band inbetween tracks two and three.


Some Kind of Chill

INTERVIEW (who knew WBDC was mostly recorded sequentially?)

Somersby/Te Amo Tanto

StreetSweeper (new/unreleased track)

So the show starts off rather normally. Both David and Some Kind of Chill were stellar and the band sounded great. However, the true brilliance of this show comes after the interview section. The boys start out their third song by playing the opening notes to Somersby (hands down my favorite Arizona track), then launched into a haunting version of Te Amo Tanto. At the conclusion of Te Amo Tanto, they played the ending notes of Somersby. It was really incredible how wonderfully those two tracks meshed together. If you didn't know the songs, you would have thought they went together. It is really worth your time to listen. Then they played Streetsweeper a new song that they played in St. Augustine when I saw them. And that track has completely taken form over the duration of this tour. I have to admit, that it was not one of my favorites originally, but this version here at WOXY is especially great. They song hasn't changed form much, but the boys have just become really great at telling this story through music.

And by the way we are only covering Arizona through this weekend, and coverage of a new band begins on Monday, April 9th! We are going to miss Arizona, but don't worry all the posts will be archived on the site, so we can revisit our friends often.


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