Saturday, April 7, 2007

2nd Featured Artist: The Rosebuds!

Brace yourself kids...A Better Offer will be covering The Rosebuds exclusively for the next two weeks. Check back often. The Rosebuds are sending tons of great info on their music, releases, tour information, and much more. We will have an interview with the band sometime next week! Keep checking and for now, go preorder the new record, "Night of the Furies" for only $13 from Merge Records. It will be officially released this Tuesday, April 10th.

Check out the first track Get Up Get Out here.

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Jeff - OWTK said...

Whoa! A new band - how exciting. A look forward to learning a lot about the Rosebuds (a band whose name I have known for what seems like a long time but I think I have only ever heard one or two songs - on kexp - of theirs) over the next couple weeks. Very cool stuff!

Long Live A Better Offer! (now that would look sweet on a tee shirt - wink, wink. haha)