Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okkervil River: A contest

So as you can see, Ive been away for a little bit. But here I am again, plugging away at my little project. And I had an idea. I've gotten some emails (and comments) from you readers out there about how much you love Okkervil River. So I was thinking that you all have probably have something to say too. So what I'd like to do is propose a little contest.

The rules

1. Write a post about Okkervil River.
2. It can be about anything to do with their music, history, or future. But it must be about something I haven't covered yet.
3. Send me the post as an attachment to by Sunday, June 16th
4. Make it entertaining

What you get

I will judge the posts according to my own liking and for the winner (or winners--if there is more than one really good one) I will pre-order a copy of the new Okkervil River (Deluxe edition) cd that will be shipped to their door in early August. Now I'll be buying this with my own hard earned money--because really in a sense you are doing my job for me..

And here's an really fucking amazing MP3 for your listening pleasure...

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