Monday, August 13, 2007

Arizona: Contest Winners!

Alrighty folks, sorry this post didn't go up on the weekend, but I'm a freakin slacker... Anyways the winners are;

Tim K. and Alan G! Both of you will receive a copy of FATM and a t-shirt in the size/color of your choosing. Ian will get in touch with you for mailing address and size.

And as promised, here are the winning stories.

Tim K.

I was in love with this French girl. So I listened to Diventa Blu about a million times to try and figure out what to do with this girl. And alas I figured out that Diventa Blu was actually needless to say, my attempts failed miserably with her.

Alan G.

One day, while driving home, listening to Arizona to alleviate as much stress as possible, I had reached Splintering and as I always do, I began wailing the lyrics along with the song until I came to the Ferret St. and Palmer Ave. intersection. Distracted by the electric guitars finding their way into the song, I completely missed a car speeding from my right. Well, in my state of euphoria, I managed to slam right into the driver's side of the white Nissan. Needless to say, the side of that car was pretty badly crunched, but my car, protected by Arizona's sonic aurora came out virtually unscathed. True story.

And if you haven't picked up your copy of Fameseeker and the Mono, you can do so right here.


Anonymous said...

never heard these guys (I listen to KEXP online, yep, from Seattle)-well. they sound like The Annuals crossed w/Great Northern. Not so much-.
and yes, I live in NC. They're just not that good.

Flavobean said...

A thousand poxes on the house of "anonymous".

Why so much hate on a good band? Arizona rocks my socks.

Hope these guys swing through DC.

Also, why is Zak dead sexy?

Anonymous said...

I just found this contest thing, and even though it's long over...I have a sister who knows some of the band. When I miss her a lot I like to listen to Some Kind of Chill and pretend she is the brown-eyed girl, and then I don't feel so far away from her. So, thanks, Arizona.

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