Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pela's thoughts on a new record

The following was posted on Pela's tour blog on the 16th of July. Check out their initial thoughts on a new record.

We’ve been driving all day. Conversation has bounced from topic to topic, mostly landing on thoughts for our upcoming record. All of us are excited about the new material that is being brought forward. There is also a growing realization that this record will be quite different from Anytown Graffiti.

With Anytown we did the best we could given circumstances it was birthed in. We battled a lack of funding, a lack of a cohesive schedule, and the daily struggles of being independent artists living in New York.

For the new record the atmosphere is different. In many ways we are now given a chance to make the record we’ve always dreamed of, an opportunity we are all taking seriously. So, as we drive across this country we’ve been writing incessantly, reviewing our demos, and talking in great detail about everything that will go into making this record come to life. It’s a wonderful quest ……

I, for one, am in love with the sound on Anytown Graffiti. I think it's a brilliant compilation of rock songs that sound like the best of yesterday and tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what their music will sound like if they have funding, a cohesive schedule, and a more dedicated fan base.
If you haven't bought Anytown Graffiti yet, you can do so here. I highly suggest you do so.

More to come...

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