Friday, June 1, 2007

Okkervil River--The band and thier music

Okkervil River has an incredible bio posted on their website. It is very lengthy, but well worth your reading. So check it out here.

But for my purposes here's a little synopsis. Okkervil River are currently a six piece that hail from New Hampshire. They make moody keyboard driven music that David Fricke of Rolling Stone describes it as music that, "pines and crawls with enriched instrumentation… and a gripping cross of drowsy understatement and lightning bolts of anxiety, like Pavement bursting through the middle of REM’s 'Country Feedback." They make music that I just can't seem to get enough of. I have purchased tons of music this year, but it seems like every time I turn on the old IPOD, I want to listen to Okkervil River. I have been purchasing everything I can find from their back catalog and the good news is that they have a new record coming out in August (check back soon for more details). This is what I have found listed as their catalog. There may be some other things available and if so, please leave me some comments so I can find it too.

Stars to Small to Use--1999. I'm fairly certain this is out of print, and I do NOT have a copy.

Don't Fall in Love with Everyone You See--2002. A great release. It is not my favorite, but in it's defense, I just bought it in D.C. a few weeks ago and have not given it a fair shot.

Julie Doiron/Okkervil River (split EP)--2003. It's on order. More soon.

Down the River of Golden Dreams--2003. Amazing record. Enough said. Just go buy it. MP3 Check out Blanket and Crib Here

Sleep and Wake-Up Songs EP--2004. Again It's on order.

Black Sheep Boy--2005. My favorite Okkervil River release. I already posted Black as an MP3. Check out the MP3 For Real Here

Black Sheep Boy Appendix--2005. Oh man. If ever an appendix to a record was needed. This is it. I strongly suggest when you purchase Black Sheep Boy, you buy the deluxe edition as it contains this appendix. I'll have a full write up and an MP3 of my favorite track up soon.

For Real (EP)--2005. On Order

The President's Dead (12")--2006. Two tracks. The title one is priceless. Get the MP3 Here

The Stage Names--to be released August 7th 2007. Pre order here. There is an MP3 for the first single available from pitchforkmedia here.

Okay so you too can purchase all this music from the various internet sites, but I suggest you get it from the Okkervil River website.


Anonymous said...

(psst: they're actually from Austin ... the band originally formed in N.H., but they've been based out of Austin since 1999)

(and by the way, I feel the same way: I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THEM. i seriously never get tired of their songs.)

Zak Champagne & Richard Dudley said...

Thank you anonymous. I stand corrected. Originally from N.H. but Austin is the scene that made them.

And man do they make amazing music!