Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Rosebuds on Shifted Sound and our partnership

The Rosebuds were featured on Shifted Sound episode 55. Shelby played two songs, “Cemetery Lawns” & “My Punishment for Fighting”. Both tracks are from the new record "Night of the Furies." If you are still unsure about purchasing the new record, listen to episode 55 of Shifted Sound to hear two of the highlights from the record. They are actually the first two songs on the record and they provide an outstanding preface to the story behind the album. I got my copy in the mail Tuesday (thank you Kelly and Merge) and I'll post my full review towards the end of the week. I'll try to restrain from posting any other personal comments about the record until then.

And now for the partnership...A Better Offer and Shifted Sound have joined forces to bring you the most complete and comprehensive coverage of all the bands covered at A Better Offer. Here's how it works. A Better Offer and Shifted Sound will get together to select music that we will cover, the Shelby will play two of their tracks on an episode of Shifted Sound and we will write about them exclusively for two weeks. So check out Shifted Sound now to hear two tracks from the Rosebuds!

If you have not subscribed to Shifted Sound yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Shelby puts on one of the finest podcasts around. He always lets you know where you can purchase the music you hear on shifted sound in his show notes and also links the bands website. His philosophy is extrememly similar to ours at A Better Offer. It's basically here is a band or artist we think you should be listening to and here is where you can find out more about them. You can subscribe here.

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